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To apply my expertise in Agronomy, Analytical Chemistry and Statistics to perform scientific investigations in an industrial or academic settings. 

Areas of Expertise 
Research and Development, Training and Development, Regulation Compliance, Replicated Experiment Design 

Research investigations including, designing experiment, method development, modification and/or validation of existing methods. 

Application of NIRS (Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy) for analysis of various materials including direct light scans of growing turfgrass. 

Design experiment and use of statistical tools, SAS and methods of analysis such as GLM, ANOVA and NLIN. 

Chemometric software tools; Modeling, multivariate calibration-based on wet chemistry as reference values. Use of full spectrum regression using partial least squires method, principal component and stepwise multiple regression. 

Develop and validate method within AOAC and industry standards. 

Work independently or in a team. 

Willing to Travel 

Published in refereed journal Implementation Database mgt. Software development Quality Control Team Facilitation Professional History NIRS System Manager, The Toro Company, Bloomington, MN 1994-1999

As lead research scientist, conducted agronomic research to develop NIRS (Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy) technology as a part of a total turfgrass diagnostic package. Including field research, soil fertility research and direct light infrared scans of growing turfgrass.
Designed and conducted research focused on NIRS turf grass nutrient analysis models, both species and region-specific. 

Built and managed a state-of-the-art NIRS/wet chemistry laboratory in order to support Toro's National NIRS laboratory network. Developed a patented turf color measurement method using the NIRS technology providing Toro a competitive edge. 

Provided client turfgrass managers with clipping analysis results and interpretation of the soil and water test results; this enhanced Toro fertilizer product sales while providing an environmentally sound practice. 

Developed an exclusive diagnostic software package, including database management with Internet applications, for customer use in examining current and historical data for trend analysis. Conducted seminars and coordinated University research efforts. Presented research findings at professional conferences. 

Provided technology edge in marketing Toro golf course management products.Developed quantitative turf grass color measurements. 

Established the first turf grass tissue database consisting of 10,000 samples. 

Managed high profile golf course accounts and provided agronomic consulting services.
Developed strategic alliance with seven independently owned professional laboratories; trained laboratory chemists in NIRS turf grass analysis. Increased credibility in local markets and earned royalties. Research Agronomist/NIRS Scientist, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 1989-1993 Team member of a research effort on sustainable farming systems and holistic nutrient management for dry land spring wheat production. Consulted with 40+ producers, extension agents, and specialists. Active member of MEY club. 

Designed and managed a NIRS laboratory for forage nutrition research and a germplasm development program in cooperation with other experiment stations. 

Analyzed data using SAS and published materials based on research results for user groups such as scientists, extension specialists, and producers. Consulted with experiment station specialists in the design of experiments and the application of statistics. Research Chemist, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 1987-1989.

Applied NIRS technology and analyzed agricultural products such as forage and grain. Coordinated and operated a NIRS mobile laboratory for on-site forage analyses. Research Assistant, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 1980-1987.

Conducted various experiments including evaluation of the DRIS (Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System) as a plant analysis tool for corn management, nitrogen calibration for irrigated and dry land corn, and the effect of hill and conventional planting methods on grain yield in spring wheat. All data was analyzed using mainframe SAS. Education Ph.D., Agronomy, South Dakota State University 1989 M.S., Agronomy, South Dakota State University 1982 B.S., Agronomy, University of Wisconsin 1979 Publications and Presentations .In excess of 30 publications in refereed and popular journals.

Served as a reviewer of refereed journal Conducted many NIRS application workshop for Turfgrass Managers.

Guest speaker in Analytical Chemistry and NIRS conferences.

Secured grants from CENEX and USDA for agronomic research.

References Provided upon Request

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