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Mission Statement 

Our mission is to help design Agricultural field and laboratory experiments and generate meaningful interpretation of data for the end users. Including publishable statistical analysis using SAS. Help design NIR Spectroscopy application for various product analyses. Custom training for new users including interpretation of calibration statistics and instrument standardization. 


NIRS Tissue Testing 

 · Near-infrared reflectance 

 · Fast turnaround
 · Reliability

Analytical Technology Transfer Consulting specializes in the use of NIRS (near infrared reflectance spectroscopy) technology tissue testing to evaluate the nutritional composition of turf plants. It is a faster and cheaper diagnostic method than traditional wet lab analysis.

With fast turn-around you can quickly identify nutrient imbalances so
you can make nutritional adjustments and avoid future turf problems. Plus, our very easy-to-read reports allow you to monitor the success of
your nutrient program. For the first time you can measure turf color which is quantitative and reproducible. This accurate, repeatable color measurement for turf is based on field research.

Regular use of NIRS tissue testing by Analytical Technology Transfer will give you peace of mind with fast and reliable turf diagnostics.



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